Pre-K Programs in Jonesboro, GA

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Kids don’t have to be formally enrolled in school to start learning. If your child is not yet enrolled in school and you want to give them a jumpstart on education, consider the pre-K programs available at Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center.

Our pre-K programs prepare children for many aspects of school at a young age. They’ll learn incredible things about the world that surrounds them, socialize with others and get excited about school at a young age. You won’t find a better pre-K program in Jonesboro, GA.

Private and Georgia Pre-K

At Mt. Zion, we offer both private pre-K and Georgia pre-K. Both options offer an investment in your child’s early education and will prepare them for success when they formally enter school.

Not only do our pre-K programs prepare students for success in their future academic careers, children also become more familiar with many important aspects of school. Pre-k introduces them to classroom structure, the learning process and social situations. Our team at Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center creates a passion for learning within kids, sparking their curiosity of the world around them. We also encourage children to interact with one another, create friendships and enjoy their time here!

If your child was picked out of the state lottery to attend a Georgia pre-K program, our program is indeed eligible! Spots often fill up quickly, so reach out as soon as you receive a voucher. Your little one will receive many strong benefits, just like those who are enrolled in our private pre-K program.

Consider Pre-K for your child today

Pre-K programs offer many benefits to your child, as well as a number of benefits to you, the parent. Pre-K is an excellent alternative to child care and will keep your young one’s mind flowing. We’ll keep you informed on their progress, so you’re able to gauge their development from an early age.

To get your child enrolled in a strong pre-kindergarten program in Jonesboro, GA, give us a call today at 770-477-7850.