Daycare Programs in Jonesboro, GA

photos of the daycare rooms

You’ll find many day care centers in Jonesboro, GA, but none of them compare to the environment and structure created by Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center. If you’re a parent with a busy lifestyle, we’ll make sure your child has a place to flourish comfortably and safely while you’re away.

A fun, safe space for kids

Our caring staff works hard to create a fun, safe space for your child. They’ll have access to a wide variety of activities to keep them active and out of trouble, all under the watchful eye of highly-trained professionals. We value the safety of your child just as much as we value their fun.

Our facilities are designed to ensure children have the space they need to be expressive and free, while also interacting with their peers. Up to 250 children can be accommodated together at our 11,000-squarefoot building, with our team of 30 professionals watching over them.

Our daycare allows kids to be social and enjoy spending time with one another. Your children may even develop lifelong friendships here!

Transportation to school

It’s not always possible to transport your child to or from school—especially if you have to be to work or lack a vehicle. At Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center, we understand the busy, unpredictable schedules that many parents lead. That’s why we provide school transportation for your kids, to ensure they get to class safely. We’ll see that they make it to school on time, safely, so they can spend the day learning. And, when school ends, we’re even able to pick them up.

Trustworthy service

At Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center, we know parents are busy. Our goal is to ensure your children get the care and attention they need to enjoy themselves while you work to support them. Stop on by and see the premier destination for childcare in Jonesboro, GA, or give us a call at 770-477-7850.