After School and Summer Programs in Jonesboro, GA

photos of outside the daycare

Are your kids bored after school? Are you looking to keeping them busy and out of trouble? Our after-school and summer daycare programs in Jonesboro, GA are the answer you’re looking for!

Keeping your kids involved with after-school and summer programs is a great way for your children to explore their interests and keep them out of trouble. Your kids will still continue to learn important lessons outside the classroom, while enjoying themselves in a structured environment.

Homework assistance

We understand that not all parents are able to help their children with their homework. Parents can be busy with their jobs, or may not understand what their child is learning.

The staff at Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center provides after-school homework assistance, to keep your children on-track to do well in school. Completing and understanding one’s homework is a critical part of a student’s success, and our team is invested in helping your children thrive in all subjects.

During the summer months, we also offer a program called Summer Bridge, to help your kids retain what they learned in the classroom when class is officially out of session.

Exploring new ideas

We have a wide variety of after-school and summer programs available to your children. Our programs include a wide variety of outside activities, including field trips, weekly lessons and more. Your kids can learn a variety of new skills in music, fitness and even French!

Your child will also remain active in a variety of different ways. We even have a swimming pool on site for your children to use. And, of course, every activity comes with a responsible adult supervising your child at all times. As much as we want your kids to have fun, we know that their safety is the top priority.

Keep your child entertained

Kids need to stay busy. If you’re looking for a summer program or an after-school daycare in Jonesboro, GA, Mt. Zion Childcare & Learning Center welcomes you and your child. To get your child started in one of our programs, call us today at 770-477-7850.